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Our Flagship, in clinic, neuro-rehabilitation interface.

Utilises leading-edge brain computer interface technology to provide optimal neuro-feedback to clients. Provide revolutionary rehabilitation to your patients with RehabSwift’s flagship device. Includes an EEG cap, EEG Amplifier, and Bionic hands that easily connect to any computer. Our easy to use software employs advanced machine learning algorithms to translate intention into physical movement. The RehabSwift program seamlessly integrates within your clinic’s existing rehabilitation practices to accelerate and strengthen patient outcomes.

RehabSwift, any time, anywhere.

Pro-Rehab harnesses the key concept of RehabSwift’s flagship device, simplifies it, and makes it completely accessible. A versatile solution to the issue of mobility and rurality, Pro-Rehab can be used as a standalone interface or in complement to the RehabSwift program. Pro-Rehab is easily delivered and installed and requires very little training or instructions to operate. Offering Pro-Rehab to your clients provides them with the opportunity to strengthen their rehabilitation outcomes on their own terms.

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