Pioneer your business rehabilitation technology your clinic

RehabSwift’s advanced neuro-rehabilitation technology can provide your business a cutting edge advantage. Join the future of personalised stroke rehabilitation and provide your patients with innovative, clinically proven treatment.

How can RehabSwift Benefit your Clinic?

  1. Offer your clients revolutionary, clinically proven technology to further their rehabilitation outcomes.
  2. Stay ahead of the curve: the neuro-rehabilitation industry is set to grow substantially over the next decade. Ensure your clinic maintains its competitive edge by offering neuro-feedback programs.
  3. RehabSwift’s technology integrates seamlessly into existing rehabilitation programs. Use RehabSwift alongside traditional methods to accelerate stroke survivors’ recovery and increase patient turnover.
  4. Easy training and installation: our interfaces are simple to install and use, requiring little training for those administering the program.

Our products:


Our flagship Neuro-Rehabilitation platform

Provide your Stroke Clients with leading edge, personalised neuro-feedback training with our advanced brain computer interface based platform.

RehabSwift's At-Home Platform, Pro-Rehab

Rehabswift, any where, any time

Our portable counterpart to RehabSwift, ProRehab can be used from the comfort of the client's own home.

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