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In the journey of stroke recovery, understanding the optimal amount of practice to regain lost skills is crucial. Whether it’s enhancing walking abilities or regaining arm function, the key lies in the power of repetitions.

As well as increasing overall recovery and well being, implementing dietary changes post-stroke can reduce stroke recurrence. In this blog post we explore the Mediterranean diet and its benefits.

In the realm of stroke care, every second counts. Acting swiftly and decisively can make a profound difference in the outcome for …

Rural Australians not only have limited access to stroke care, but are also disproportionately affected by stroke. This blog explores some reasons for this disparity and some potential changes which could help increase care and stroke rehabilitation accessibility for rural Australians.

Millions of lives are affected by stroke each year. Due to the nature of strokes, a number of challenges arise in providing optimal care to stroke survivors. However, rapidly evolving technology is providing a new hope to stroke survivors in receiving accessible, effective and life changing treatment.

In the healthcare industry, one field that continues to evolve and redefine possibilities is neuro-rehabilitation. With advancements in technology, specifically Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems, the landscape of neuro-rehabilitation is being transformed.

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