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Introducing the personalised neuro-rehabilitation interface that's helping stroke survivors to regain independence.

RehabSwift is an advanced neuro-rehabilitation interface that has been clinically proven to improve stroke survivors’ hand and arm mobility, dexterity, strength and sensation.

RehabSwift is the only Brain Computer Interface based Stroke Rehabilitation platform that is tailored to the individual’s timing pattern, meaning it harnesses the power of the mind to significantly enhance rehabilitation outcomes.

Restore independence today with the interface that re-launches life.

Our Story:

The team

RehabSwift is a MedTech Research and Development company based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our founder, Dr. Sam Darvishi, has dedicated over ten years researching, developing and refining his idea of a revolutionary neuro-rehabilitation interface that re-launches life.

Dr. Darvishi’s mission to create a revolutionary personalised rehabilitation was born out of his Neural Engineering PhD Research at the University of Adelaide.

Since the RehabSwift interface was brought to life, it has been succesfully registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, and has been clinically proven through various trials; with the latest demonstrating that 83% of participants experienced clinically significant improvement. 

What are our clients saying?

“I can engage my left hand for everything, like standing. It’s just making things easier for my daily tasks.” “What I’ve achieved in 6 weeks has been amazing, I havent done a lot of these things with my hand for years” “This is a real blessing, I’ll tell you."


RehabSwift Client

“It’s made me use my hand and arm without even thinking” "I would recommend anyone using this, and encourage it to be in every rehab there is in Australia and the world, because anything that makes you more conscious about your limbs and using them can only be a plus!"


RehabSwift Client

“All round I’m feeling more balanced” “I would definitely recommend RehabSwift, mostly because there’s no drugs and no injections involved. What have you got to lose?” “I’m so far past my last stroke, and I'm still getting results! Overall, I’m feeling a lot better all round”


RehabSwift Client

What are the benefits of RehabSwift?

Couple holding hands

Increased Grip & Pinch Strength

Running a hand along a field

Improved Sensation and Feeling

Enhanced Reaction Time

Reading newspaper

Improved Cognitive Function

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Dr. Sam Darvishi, inventor of RehabSwift

Who can use RehabSwift?

Because of RehabSwift’s personalised Neuro-Feedback Process, the eligibility criteria is broad. To qualify for RehabSwift, the client must:

  1. Have limited hand or arm mobility.
  2. Not have complete contracture of the hand or arm 
  3. Have the cognitive capacity to follow simple instructions.
  4. Be committed to re-launching their life!

Our interfaces:


Our flagship in-clinic neuro-rehabilitation interface. Click the image to learn more.

Our portable interface, delivered and installed to be easily used in the comfort of your own home. Click the image to learn more.

Where is RehabSwift located?

Our clinic is conveniently located in the Adelaide CBD, inside the ThincLab bulding.

Free parking has been reserved for our clients in the Wilson Carpark at 251 North Terrace, Adelaide.

For our clients’ and their families/carers’ convenience there is an amazing cafe located within our building, offering great coffee and delicious food!

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