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Harness the power of RehabSwift from the comfort of your own home.

Access to care is not always easy for stroke survivors. Limited mobility, rurality and the inability to drive can deny people from accessing the advanced care they deserve.

RehabSwift has developed a versatile, portable and easy to use solution. Offering improved dexterity, strength and sensation, Pro-Rehab provides stroke survivors with at-home access to leading-edge neuro-rehabilitation that they can use with little to no assistance, any time they want.

Take recovery back into your own hands with Pro-Rehab.

RehabSwift's At-Home Platform, Pro-Rehab

Explore the benefits of Pro-Rehab

Prevent "Learned Non-Use"

Maintain Muscle Strength and Health

Boost Blood Flow to the Muscles that Need it Most

Engage the Effected Hand With the Brain

Simple and User Friendly Design

Recover from the Comfort of your own home

Why use Pro-Rehab?

Pro-Rehab is a versatile rehabilitation companion. It provides users with many benefits including muscle re-education and hand re-enablement.

Pro-Rehab can be used prior or during neuro-rehabilitation treatment with RehabSwift’s flagship device to bolster rehabilitation outcomes. Pro-Rehab can also be used as a standalone product for those who can’t easily access the clinic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pro-Rehab Work?

Pro-Rehab is a repetitive passive movement system that promotes neural plasticity and helps strengthen neural pathways. The system includes a device that provides continuous passive movement to the affected hand.

Can Pro-Rehab be used in conjunction with other rehabilitation methods?

Yes, Pro-Rehab can be used in combination with other rehabilitation methods, such as neuro-feedback training, to maximize the potential for recovery.

How often should Pro-Rehab be used?

It is recommended to use Pro-Rehab for at least 30 minutes per day, but you can use it for longer periods if desired. It can be used every day or on alternating days.

How long should Pro-Rehab be used?

Pro-Rehab is recommended to be used for at least a 3-month period for meaningful outcomes. We offer 3-moth, 6-month and 12-month rental periods  The length of use is determined by the individual's specific needs and goals. If you wish to know more, book a free apointment with Dr Sam here!

Is Pro-Rehab covered by insurance?

Pro-Rehab may be covered by NDIS or Aged Care funding. Please consult with your support coordinator to determine coverage.

Is Pro-Rehab easy to use?

Yes, Pro-Rehab is designed to be easy to use and does not require any special training. RehabSwift will handle delivery and installation of the device. A user manual and instructional video are provided.

Is Pro-Rehab only for stroke survivors?

Pro-Rehab is specifically designed for stroke survivors but may be used by individuals with other neurological conditions under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

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