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Pioneer the development of revolutionary brain computer interface technology with RehabSwift's Research Accelerator Program.

Learn how RehabSwift can accelerate your research:

Cut out months or years of research and development by utilising our turnkey solution in your research. 

Brain computer interface technology is rapidly advancing both academically and commercially. Research demonstrates a global CAGR of 14% in this industry is expected over the next ten years.

RehabSwift’s BCI technology has been clinically tested, with 83% of clients showing clinically significant results in our latest clinical trial. Continue to add to this body of work and advance the future of BCI research by using the RehabSwift product.

RehabSwift’s platform also allows efficient access to this hardware, whereas shipping times from other international suppliers can be months.

RehabSwift’s product is also TGA approved, and patent pending.

BCI Technology has an extremely broad scope of application amongst neural injuries and conditions, not just stroke. By advancing this field, your research can change lives on a global scale.

Not only will partnering with RehabSwift save you precious time, we also offer research partnership pricing to assist with accessibility to quality research. Save time and money on R&D and use an established, tested product.

We will also provide consumables.

We offer: Trial design assistance according to GCP standards (ISO 141555), as well as help designing standard outcome measure proposals for trials. Further, we will also assist in your ethics application.

Along with installation and training, we also offer accessible software and hardware support.

Review the evidence:

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Browse RehabSwift's peer reviewed evidence as well as the research leading to the creation of this groundbreaking BCI technology

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