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Limited hand and arm mobility is one of the most common impairments affecting stroke victims. This can limit stroke survivors’ chances of returning to an independent, active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Introducing the personalised neuro-rehabilitation interface that's helping stroke survivors to regain independence.

It has brought back normality into my life by being able to do daily tasks such as eating, dressing and going to the bathroom. I can hold my husband's hands again and I can hug my family and friends with both arms.

How does it work?

Infographic demonstrating the RehabSwift Process

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Dr. Sam Darvishi, inventor of RehabSwift

About RehabSwift

RehabSwift is a MedTech Research and Development company born from revolutionary Neural Engineering PhD research of Dr Sam Darvishi at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Our cutting-edge technology gained TGA approval in 2021.

Dr. Sam Darvishi has spent the past ten years developing a rehabilitation approach for enhancing motor, sensory and cognitive capabilities for survivors of neural injuries. Our ground-breaking brain-computer interface (BCI) technology has created the world’s first personalised neuro-feedback training service for stroke survivors.

Benefits of RehabSwift

Our Products

RehabSwift's Flagship Clinical Solution

Our in-clinic, comprehensive, personalised solution to stroke rehabilitation.

  • Clinical, personalised neuro-feedback technology.
  • 39 Sessions over 16-52 Weeks.
  • Groundbreaking brain computer interface technology is used to strengthen neural pathways.
  • Thorough progress monitoring.
Pro-Rehab Device

Pro-Rehab: At Home Solution

RehabSwift, Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Our at home rehabilitation solution.
  • Hire from 3 months up to 1 year.
  • Recover on YOUR schedule.
  • Can complement RehabSwift’s clinical rehabilitation program.